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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

List for Hospital Bag & During Berpantang

Going To Hospital :

Mothers :

Nightdress / Nightgown (2 Sets) - Ideally loose fitting with buttons to the front for easy breastfeeding.
Dress / Robe (1-2 Sets) - For receiving visitors or when checking on baby in the nursery room.
Warm Socks (2 Pairs) - To wear in the delivery room.
Nursing Bras (2 Pairs) - For breastfeeding.
Breast / Nursing Pads (A Few Pairs) - For breastfeeding.
Disposable Underwears / Panties (4 - 5 Sets).
Sanitary / Maternity Pads (1 Pack) - Most hospital will provide only one pack and will charge if you get more.
Slippers (1 Set) - Preferably one with non-slip sole.
Audio CD & Player / Books & Magazines - For relaxation.
Breast Pump - Helps to stimulate milk production as babies tend to be sleepy during the first few days after birth.
Nursing Pillow / Support - Assists in positioning of babies during breastfeeding especially for c-section mothers.
Toiletries - Mild fragance-free soap, shampoo and deodorant so that baby will recognise the natural scent of mother long before sight recognition.
Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Floss
Glasses or Contact Lenses
Cosmetics & Make Up
Comb / Hair Brush
Handphone & Charger
Tudung/sarung tangan/telekung

Fathers :
Camera, Films & Batteries / Camcorder, Tapes & Batteries
Address Book / Phone Number List - To call to announce the birth of baby.
Money - Preferably coins for vending machines or pay phone.
Admission Form - Shall bring this form everywhere you go after 36 weeks gestation as you might deliver anytime.
Infant Carrier / Moses Basket

Siblings :
Favourite Toys, Dolls / Books - Helps to keep them occupied.

Going Back Home :

Dress For Mother - Preferably a loose fitting and comfortable outfits.
Clothes For Baby.
Mittens & Booties For Baby
Receiving Blanket For Baby.
Disposable Diapers For Baby.

p/s: bag belum packing lagi, tapi barang2 baby n kelengkapan ibu almost dah ada baju baby lum basuh lg,uhu..insyallah akn dibuat jg..

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